Reflections- Benjamin says...

Pre-camp reflections

Read the introduction, objectives and theoretical background to the project and then answer the following questions:
  •      What interests you about this project?the use of the scanning electron microscope(SEM) and the rare opportunity to see how a university undergraduate's life is like.
  •       What do you want to learn by doing this project?To learn more about the use of lab equipment and how to conduct experiments
  •       What questions do you have about this project?Not applicable
  •      What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project? more knowledge and good experiences from my chance to see university life.

Reflections on Plenary Sessions

earthquakes occur in cycles and can be predicted through previous earthquake cycles.The cycles can be found using methods such as sedimentology to study the deposits of sand left by tsunamis and also through corals which die out if left under the sun so can be used to show the uplift of islands during a earthquake.carbon dating on corals and sediments in the ground can show with a high degree of accuracy when the earthquakes happened.This will allow the scientists to study patterns in the earthquakes and tsunamis and can therefore predict the location and rough time of the next earthquake or tsunami.GPS stations embedded in the ground will show how much uplift occurs during an earthquake.

Animation basically consists of three main types of animation: Stop motion, which involves creating the frames frame-by-frame, 2d animation, which is the "flat" drawings in the animation and 3d which of course is in three dimensions.Also, the type of light used can affect the frame.An ambient light source lights up every surface uniformly, while a directional light will create shadows.A specular light will give objects their "lustre" or "sparkle".
Some disadvantages of a 2d animation created by hand as opposed to a computer-drawn animation is that while the hand-drawn version looks nicer, it is very labour intensive and also will usually result in a loss instead of a profit.

Nano-Technology has many uses in daily life even though nano technologies are invisible to the naked eye.For example, air filters use nano-tech to kill germs and viruses. Also sci-fi movie items and abilities may soon be within reach  like in CSI, they have a finger-print matching program.Nano technology can be used not only to discover a person's identity through his fingerprints, but can also be used to discover drugs the person consumed, hormones and gender too.Another use for nano-tech is that in artificial joints, the current method is to use large metal screws to hold the new joint in place, often affecting locomotion and nerves.Nano-tech  particles can produce a natural adhesive that will not impair the user.Nano-tech is also used in defense. For example, nano-particles added to army camouflage suits can block infrared vision from others, masking the soldier.Another use is in bulletproof coatings.Nano-particles are proven to be more effective at stopping armor-piercing rounds compared to current armor plating.

Reflections on Applied Project Challenge: Your Accomplishments
  • Discuss how the project has deepened your understanding and broadened your awareness of the selected discipline.
  • What do you now understand about this discipline that you were unaware of at the beginning?
  • Describe how what you have learned from doing this project can be connected to what you are learning at school.
  • Describe how you can apply what you have learned from doing this project.
  •  At the end of the project, what new questions do you now have?

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